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CDA Solutions is a registered FSP and specialises in the direct marketing of insurance products, where we apply our experience and expertise, to create solutions for our clients or our clients’ customers. This solution-driven approach allows us to continuously evolve our business based on personal experiences or common challenges within our communities.

As South Africans there is one crisis we all fear for which there still is no real or sustainable solution, and that is crime, regardless of the preventative measures taken.

My Personal Lifeline was designed by a passionate group of people who have all been touched by crime, either directly or indirectly read our stories. These shared experiences highlighted the trauma and practical support required immediately after an incident of crime, which is not usually included in traditional insurance cover.

My Personal Lifeline is South Africa’s only First Aid Kit for Crime. It’s the number you call or the panic button you press to help you immediately after a crime has been committed, or even for months thereafter.

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Crime seems inescapable.

During the many years of working with strong, remarkable women, the numerous and horrendous stories of domestic abuse, rape and assault we’ve heard is sickening. We were compelled to add specific benefits uniquely relevant to the victims of domestic abuse.

More than 95% of incidences of domestic abuse or rape goes unreported, these crimes are the real epidemic in today’s society where women feel they have no alternative options and no way out of these toxic situations. My Personal Lifeline has a domestic abuse benefit which provides an exit strategy, lawyers, counselling and private investigators to empower woman and give them a much-needed lifeline to take control and regain self-esteem.

You will rise again.

It is not just your Lifeline

it is your family’s First Aid Crime Kit. One call to us and we take control when you can’t.

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