You have one life. Live it knowing that you have your own Personal Lifeline. Every South African Family should have a First Aid Kit for Crime.

Crime Victim Assistance

Access to a phone, cash and hotel, even private investigators.

We will assist with the following based on actual loss suffered due to crimes such as hijacking, home invasion or mugging

  • A standard cell phone loaded with pre-paid airtime to the value of R200
  • Uber vouchers up to the value of R1 000 for a period of 48 hours to keep you mobile, if your vehicle was stolen.
  • A pre-loaded debit card to the value of R500 to assist you in the first 24 hours, if your bank cards were stolen
  • Locksmith services to the value of R1 000 to replace locks or key if they have been stolen.
  • A security guard at your home for 24 hours if the crime happened where you live. Alternatively, you may opt to spend the night at a hotel at our cost, to the value of
    R2 000 per annum.
  • Up to R25 000 worth of private investigation services

Domestic Violence Assistance

Finally, a personal exit strategy.

We’ll Help You Escape A Bad Situation

This service is aimed at getting you to a place of safety to prevent further intimidation or manipulation by your abuser. A new cell phone number and device with airtime, a place of safety and private investigators to help you with your case against the abuser.

We will do the following:
  • A professional security guard will be sent to collect you and/or your children.
  • Help you open a case against the abuser.
  • Place you in a hotel for up to 3 days to the value of R6 000 per annum.
We will provide you with:
  • A cell phone loaded with pre-paid airtime to the value of R200
  • A pre-loaded debit card with R500 to assist you in the interim.
  • Up to R25 000 worth of private investigation services.

& Assault

Our 24-hour helpline and trauma counsellors in your area.

We coordinate with local emergency services to provide the following:
  • On-site emergency assistance, with emergency transport to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility.
  • Counselling by trained medical professionals.
  • Referrals for psychological consultations
  • Access to 24-hour counselling helpline.
  • Access to psychological consultations to the maximum value of
    R20 000 per insured person with a maximum of R40 000 per family per occurrence.

Rape & HIV Assistance

Confidential testing and treatment within the 72-hour window period and ongoing assistance.

Service includes the following:
  • 24-hour access to telephonic trauma counselling, as well as counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Three HIV related trauma consultations with a specialist, which can either be a general practitioner, trauma-trained registered nurse or trauma counsellor
  • Three HIV-blood tests, one immediately after the incident and the second and third at six weeks and three months respectively
Access to the following medication based on required treatment:
  • STD-preventative medication
  • Anti-retroviral medication
  • Prophylactic therapy
  • Morning-after Pill

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance at your side whenever you need it.

Emergency Medical Response

During a medical emergency, a response vehicle will be dispatched to the scene of the incident, where the response team will take immediate and appropriated action from providing lifesaving support, to stabilising you and assisting you to manage the situation.

Medical Transportation

Should the medical response team find that, based on the nature and the severity of the emergency, you need additional medical attention, we will provide medical transport for you to a medical facility capable of providing adequate care.

Escorted Return of Minors

In your children are stranded as a result of your hospitalisation, we can provide supervised transport to a place of safety and into the care of a person nominated by you.

It is not just your Lifeline

it is your family’s First Aid Crime Kit. One call to us and we take control when you can’t.

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