Pretoria, 2018- With great excitement we’re on our way to my mate’s birthday bash.

I didn’t see the white sedan speeding up behind us, but before I could react our car is surrounded by 4 seriously aggressive men, poking their guns against the windows, threatening and shouting for us to get out of the car. I’ll never forget the terrified screams of my 3 young kids and the absolute horror in my wife’s eyes.

They drag me out of the car, punching me and hitting me with something hard. I can only think of my wife and kids. I plead with them to take my car, take our money, jewellery, take me, anything, but not to hurt my wife and kids. To this day, I don’t know why, but they pulled them out of the car before manhandling me back into the car and driving off, with my precious wife and kids left hysterical at the side of the road.

I start begging for my life. Little did I know that death would have been merciful. They laugh while they beat me. We stop and I pray that they are going to let me go. They don’t. 3 of the thugs sodomise me and for good measure beat me some more, leaving me for dead on a pavement. A passing motorist stops to help. This cannot be happening to me.

MPLL kicks in….

By some miracle, I remember the MPLL emergency number and my Good Samaritan phones it. I am forever grateful to the MPLL consultant on the end of the line. An ambulance is immediately dispatched, I am treated on the scene and rushed to hospital. Someone phones my wife. I sob uncontrollably when I see her. The shame I feel due to my rape and because I was unable to protect my family is unbearable.

My family immediately starts with trauma counselling. While I am in hospital, an MPLL crimebox is delivered. I am given medication and have surgery to repair the physical damage. But it is the emotional damage that is the worst. The absolute helplessness and humiliation I feel is indescribable.

I am discharged from hospital and resort to alcohol and drugs to get rid of the pain. Thankfully, I access the MPLL counselling services. I don’t know what I would have done without them, and my family too. I am off the alcohol and drugs now, but the pain is still there. I am healing slowly, though only my wife knows what really happened. Telling others is just a step too far.