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The for crime victims.

When crime leaves you vulnerable...

My Personal Lifeline provides you and your family with immediate, practical, emotional, financial, and legal support, should your world be devastatingly affected by crime.

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For only R149.00 per month you get guaranteed 24-hour Crime Assistance


Crime in South Africa seems inescapable.

Every minute, 43 crimes are committed in South Africa! Most South Africans live in fear of becoming a statistic.

With 24-hour medical emergency services, legal assistance and trauma counselling only a call away, private investigators, face-to-face counselling sessions and up to R50 000 legal fees covered, MPLL not only takes care of you during the first 48 hours after you have become the victim of a crime, but provides the ongoing support you need to take back control.


MPLL includes the following lifeline services

For only R149.00 per month you get guaranteed 24-hour access to:

Crime Victim Assistance

Access to a cell phone, cash, hotel and private investigators.

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Domestic Violence Assistance

We will help you escape a bad situation and assist you with a personal exit strategy.

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Trauma & Assault

Our 24-hour helpline and trauma counsellors in your area, are always available to you.

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Rape & HIV Assistance

Confidential testing and treatment within the critical 72-hour window period and ongoing assistance.

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Medical Assistance

Emergency Medical assistance whenever you need it.

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Mobile App

If you can’t call us, use the app and we will call you back immediately.

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Personal Legal Insurance

We provide peace of mind that potentially costly legal expenses will be taken care of. These are not limited to crime related legal expenses.

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MPLL includes the following features.

For only R149.00 per month you get guaranteed 24-hour access to:

  • 24-hour helpline

  • 0861 000 604.
  • Available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Highly trained and experienced crisis consultants.
  • Intelligent panic

  • Register and choose a number on your cell phone that will act as your panic button.
  • In the event of an emergency, press your panic button and a case manager will return your call immediately.
  • Mobile app

  • Customised to suit the needs of emergency assistance services.
  • Instant access to MPLL product benefits and assistance.
  • A Live Chat feature to converse with case managers 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Crime box

  • Contains items (e.g. cash card, cell phone etc.), documents and guidance relevant to the emergency.

Home invasion and burglary is SA’s most common crime, effecting 5,3% of all households in the country.

– (Governance, Public Safety, and Justice Survey (GPSJS) 2019/20 )

See how MPLL has supported other South Africans during a crisis.

How does it work?



Download the MPLL app. Save the Emergency Number.



Contact our 24-Hour Helpline by phone or the mobile app. Our trained advisors will work with you to determine which benefits are applicable.



The MPLL crime box includes relevent documents and tools to get you through this difficult time.

Our promise to you.

We’ll be there to help you find your strength again.

We’ll bridge the gap by providing immediate support while you wait for your traditional insurance cover to kick in.

If you don’t have traditional insurance cover, MPLL ensures you have access to private professional services to provide you with support and care.


MPLL assists you in the event of an emergency, typically when you have become the victim of a crime but also in the case of a medical emergency, and where you require legal assistance.

Traditional insurance products typically do not assist you in the immediate aftermath of a crime or medical emergency. MPLL has been designed to bridge this gap. MPLL assists in the event of you being the victim of:

  • A crime (such as a hijacking, home invasion or mugging).
  • Domestic violence.
  • Trauma and assault.
  • Rape.
  • A medical emergency.

Access to assistance is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year via an emergency number (0861 000 604), a mobile app (Android and iOS) and an intelligent panic button on your cell phone.

MPLL also provides you with legal insurance, which is not necessarily linked to a crime. See the FAQ “What does legal insurance cover?”

Yes, your immediate family spouse and children (as listed on your policy schedule) is covered by all the emergency assistance services (crime, domestic violence, trauma and assault, rape and medical emergency) and the legal insurance, subject to the specific terms and conditions.

Not necessarily. The crime, domestic violence, trauma and assault and rape assistance is crime related. However, the medical emergency services and legal insurance may be linked to or because of a crime or may be independent of a crime.


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